Yoga Makes Life Better?

What a cliche name.

Yes, I know… but, you know what, it’s true.

Yoga entered my life about 8 years ago.

Well, in truth, my first experience was at a gym about 15 years ago. I really don’t remember much from that first class… It was at my local gym/tennis club in Atlanta, GA and I can recall it being quite gentle – or perhaps it was just that I wasn’t doing the poses correctly.  But I walked out thinking to myself

‘there’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back’…

I didn’t understand at that time that Yoga has 100’s of different styles, so many different meanings and ways that it touches life.  I had no idea that 7 years later, it was going to take hold of my life and never let go.DSC04944

When Yoga re-entered my life 8 years go, it was in a very different way.  It was through a course (The Art of Living) that my beautiful friend, Geneva, put me on to.

(Geneva, I’ve no doubt that’s why you came into my life when you did – and thanks for also being my sky-diving buddy, the impact you made on my life in such a short period will never be forgotten!).

The Art of Living approaches Yoga through pranayama focused practice (breath work). It introduced some light elements of asana (postural) yoga practice – but really just skimmed the surface.  But what it did teach me, for the first time in my life, was how to just BE.

Amazing that I had reached 30 years of age without ever just BEING.

Once I’d been introduced to the concept, everything just flowed on from there.

Meaningful_BooksI went on Amazon and picked up Rodney Yee’s bookMoving Toward Balance – and I’ve really never looked back.
In 2012 I signed up for a year-long 500 hour teacher training, and my eyes were opened that much further. I began meditating (highly recommend Tobin Blake’s Everyday Meditation – 100 days or practice) on my own, and  then in 2015, after my back surgery (from an injury *not* caused by Yoga), I did my iRest Level 1 teacher training.

There is still so much to learn and the journey will continue through my last days.

But, while I’m here, I’ve realized it’s my calling (*my dharma* to use a sanskrit word – meaning my life’s purpose) to help share this amazing gift with as many as I can.  I have a particular interest in trying to help get Yogic Tools – particularly breathwork and meditation, into the national school curriculum – and that has led me into a new entrepreneurial venture, YogaMate.

I want to help others – my friends, my family, (& audacious of me to say, the world) better understand that Yoga is *not* just what you see on Instagram.

Yoga is not just what you experience at the gym.  It’s meditation, it’s breathing, it’s BEING.

It’s everything.

It’s the way that you walk through and experience life.  If brings more self-understanding, connection and compassion into your life than you could have conceived.

It doesn’t take away the hurt and pain.  It doesn’t make every day easy.  But there is no doubt that it Makes Life Better.  Cliche, yes – but it couldn’t be more true for me.

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