Beginner’s Hatha Yoga Sequence – Created for my Facebook Friends

So who would have thunk that a spin off of my doing my 30 days of Yoga, that I’d be creating plans for my friends.  Why not, I guess, after all, one of my goals is to help spread Yoga to the far reaching corners of the earth – why not start with my friends?!

I needed to work through how the ‘individual’ planning tool for YogaMate was going to work from a desktop point of view, anyway, so this gave me the push I needed.

In truth, this was pretty painful to put together.  I can see why more teachers and therapists don’t offer this kind of value-add to their teaching!


Hopefully once YogaMate is live, it’ll decrease the time required to develop this kind of resource.  Rather than 5 hours (yes, it took that long – not including the actual Yoga practice!) hopefully a teacher or therapist will be able to create this sort of plan in ~30 minutes.  Hopefully!

So, anyway – for those of you who have been following my personal journey on Facebook, thank you for the ‘Likes’, ‘Shares’ and ‘Comments’.  It not only spurred me on in my own practice, but it provided me encouragement for what I’m doing with YogaMate, something I truly appreciate.

If you want to get a hold of the .pdf, shoot me an email.

Hope you’ll enjoy this practice.  I’d love to  hear how you go with it!


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