How Yoga Professionals can inadvertently be Yoga’s worst enemy

I met a healthcare worker the other day, who, when hearing I’m a Yoga teacher, asked, ‘that’s good for flexibility, isn’t it?’.

‘Yes’, I replied, ‘but it’s got a lot more going for it than that – it’s good for your strength, good for your mental outlook, good for emotional balance… a lot of things…’. I stopped short, realising that in the two minutes I was going to speak with this person, I couldn’t begin to explain the depth and breadth of this amazing discipline*… which made me get to thinking…

After my chat with said individual, I began to think about the jargon and ‘esoteric-ness’ that many Yoga Professionals feel they must continue to impart when discussing Yoga. It’s a bit of

‘I know this and you don’t, so I’m special’

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