Beginner’s Hatha Yoga Sequence – Created for my Facebook Friends

So who would have thunk that a spin off of my doing my 30 days of Yoga, that I’d be creating plans for my friends.  Why not, I guess, after all, one of my goals is to help spread Yoga to the far reaching corners of the earth – why not start with my friends?!

I needed to work through how the ‘individual’ planning tool for YogaMate was going to work from a desktop point of view, anyway, so this gave me the push I needed.

In truth, this was pretty painful to put together.  I can see why more teachers and therapists don’t offer this kind of value-add to their teaching! Continue reading


How the selfie damages Yoga

Today was the first time I’ve ventured onto Instagram.  I know, I know… get with the times already…

I understand (in theory) that Instagram can present a good option for brand building – so I’ve reluctantly signed on with an view as to how and if I can use it for YogaMate.

I thought it might provide me with a ready-made, inspirational image that I could on-share to YogaMate’s Facebook page.

When I nonchalantly tapped ‘Yoga’ into the search bar, a multitude of results swiftly returned that left me dumbstruck… and just a tiny bit deflated. Continue reading